Tuesday, May 5, 2009

TS again!!!!!!!!!! kami berjoli.... hahaha

okeh.... eventhough, diz topic has been posted by many ppl lyke hanis, ainah, ermmm sape agi erk... hahha, neva mind, diz is HANNAH's version... agagaga

actually it happened last 2 weeks, on 25th aprl (sat.)if im not mistaken r..... after a long, tiring dinner at SESERI(kinda fun too).... i reached my house at 12.30 am n went straight to mah bed at 1.00 am... on dat saturday i hv to wake up quite early at 8.00(awal ke tuh??,, hoho), diz is all bcoz ainah yg ngengade nk jadik org 1st masok TS ke pe...... hahaa, dah le nk smpai tempt tuh, it tooks bout 2 hrs (+++)tu get there.... fuh.... at last im ready!!!! my dad drove me to d nearest
train station-blkg umah je sbnornye-huk3, stesen BUKIT BADAK!!!duhhh, donno why they name it badak, asal x rhino ke??? hahaha, okeh, then after a loooooooooong wait there..... dpt gak nek tren.... d train during dat time was d very d padat one...like SARDIN.... fuhhhh, ooooohhh maybe many ppl wannna go to PESTA BUKU kowt... at pwtc...

sesampai je di KL central, i met with tiqah hanis n wait 4 rain yg sedang menaiki url frm putrajaya....tut tut, we arrived at TS, from bout 500m distance, we could see ainah's sitting with aya-ne!!!! (coz ainah's wearing her USUAL *blink2 black tudung* with maniks2...ahahahaha.... we wait there for about 45 min.(waiting 4 da 3 muskeeters...hohoho-ainur-faranne-nik atikah=) at last we decided to get into d cosmo world theme park's first so dat we dont waste our money... yola, bayor memahal kene r nek lelame...huuuu

(juz d 5 of us at TS AGAIN....)

i cant remember d sequence, but basically we all nek rides:

roller coaster=3 times.....sampai da tertido2...ahahha

hammer=2 times.....(everytime ainah n I dok depn skali wuu..agagaga)

kete langgor2=3 times..... haha, bak kate ainah d 2nd time ade gangguan yg menyakitkan jiwe) grrrrrrrrr

kids train kowt= ahaha 1 time... nak abeskan mase

dizzy izzy=memg dizzy dibuatnye (ble chit chat ngan aya lgi nek tuh) ^_^

mende pusing2 tuh= 2 times.....saket tengkok wuuu.... n badan r for those who shared their sits!! ahax!!!

after we had joli2 around d cosmo, we still couldn't see d 3 muskeeter's nose nor body.. uhuksss..... then we decided to call them. huh, since dat they were late, they decided to watch movie at d cinema je.duhhhhhh.....
d time dat i've been waiting n luv most hv come!!! yeay!!! its
EaTiNg time!!!!!...(^_^) hoho, we hd our lunch at KFC....n our cashier is PNUT!!!!!!! woooooo (cian pnut tersipu malu dibuatnye), kami pown ape lagi, snap2 her pic... hukhuk..... :D

(pnut as our cashier on dat day!!!)

(as usual, mkn, mkn, mkn...dats our hobbyT_T)

(tiqah hanis dgn rakusnye.. huhu)

after we had our lunch, we went to pray zohor..... at d same time i accompanied faranne to CITY-CHAIN.... to buy her a new watch.... at first she was about to buy GUESS's watch (walawe!!!!!! im not dat rich!!!! ahaaha)... at last she found d one dat she likes n suits her at city-chain shop.....d watch was quite expensive
(RM 395.00) sumthing lyke dat r.... fuuhhh!!!! i told her (asal aq rase mcm teman ko nk beli cincin tunang je) grrrrr.....btol ke nk beli nih??? hoho, she brought 600???? with her??? lol... wow!!! (maybe its usual for others but not for me... kluar sendre.. uhuhhuu), but neva mind, at least she found d ONE (watch ) dat she likes most n she decided to buy it..... ohoo......

after that,d 3 muskeeters when to watch d UNINVITED movie.... while other 5 of us were really not INVITED to watch d movie... lol bcoz d ticket sold out!!!!! only 1 left... huuuu :(, then, we decided to continue our 'exploration' at d cosmo theme park..... hahahaha, (tu yg naek berpuloh-puloh kali).... until all of us gt dizzy, izzy, whizzy, crazy,hohoho SERIOUS!!!! we were like drunk ppl walking out of d theme park!!!! ahahha, at d same time, rain bought new selipar...ohohoho.....i even have to assist rain to get down d stairs at d monorail st. coz she looks really dizzy n cant walk str8.... adoyaiiiiiiiiiii....

but alhamdulillah all of us went home safely..... (-_-)
as a whole, we had a really great time together n enjoy d sweet moment with all of u!!!

p/s : akhernye tercapai cite-citemuh nk kuar ngan aq wahai hanisku oiii!!!! :Dhoho


  1. muahahahaha
    hg jgn dok perasan no..
    ble mase cek nak sgt kua
    ngan hg....

    longt aku da terkua..
    cant control!!!!(^-^)

  2. hannah! - kurng ajar - ko kuar x ckp pn kn!

  3. ahahahha, ye ke tiqah hanis.....
    sejak bile hang jdik org utagha???
    a*** ke yg utagha???grrrr

    who's scoped nih?
    nik alia ke??
    hrr... ngeee... :D
    ko x tanye...
    eleh, org tuh da kuar
    berDUE dgn en. H****L, sape r nk kuar ngan
    cik H****H nih.... hohohoh :P