Thursday, May 14, 2009

who's hannah????

ahahaha,who's hannah?? hannah montana?? hannah tan?? hannah abott???
nonono, all WRONG, im hannah daughter of mr. ir. azizan... uhukssssss... :D

ok basically, frm what i noe, my dad is d one who gimme dat sweet n simple name (of coz after discussed it with ma beloved mom), one day, when he was watching tv, he watched a news or something like dat r or salam perantaun.... he saw one of d malaysian overseas student who was being interviewed by reporter....n her name displayed on d screen was NOOR HANNAH

wow!!! what a nice name!!!!! hahha, then he decided to give his beloved youngest, cutest, cuddly daughter named hannah too.....ahax!!!!!!!!! maka, bermulalah kewujudan seorang insan hamba Allah named NOOR HANNAH BT. AZIZAN (^_^)

ppl always said dat "panggilan name mendoakn ciri2 seseorang itu"
as far as i know, d meaning of mah name is ;

noor = cahaye,
hannah = kesayangan
noor + hannah = cahaye + kesayangan

*wakakka, so dont ever jealous of meh if sum1 call me sayang..... coz dats my REAL name
wahhahahaa :P, n i hope everybody LOVES me, (why everybody loves raymond?) but not me....hahahha

of coz i believe most of us hv their own nicknames n so on......
for me, i hv only a few:

1. hana
majority n most of d ppl luv 2 call me hana, maybe bcoz its easier n simpler, (without "wajibul ghunnah" at d centre) but i noe they mean haNNah.....actually hahhaha

2. han
i usually accidentally called myself HAN, when i spoke "like a bullet train" with my family :D...i didnt realise it, but they told me dat (heleh, bajet comel r han, han, han kan arituh....duhhh ) hahaha, + there's one alien (TAP) which his name shouldn't be mention here, wakaka also luv to call me han, adusssssss, redha je le.... maen sesuke ati die je nk modify my name...hoho :P

3. hannah
adusssssss, eventhough diz is my REAL name, i rarely hear ppl called me haNNah, i mean "stress" a bit on d letter 'N', haaaaaaah!! i only gt 2 hear ppl call me haNNah correctly, when they were first time reading my name n were trying very hard to pronounce it correctly... wakakkaka, especially d teachers (mase nk pulangkan hmwrks or exam papers...hoho) (-_-)

4. hannah azizan
majority, my ex-SESERIan's friends called me + my dad's name, maybe bcoz its easier for them to compare, which hannah or hanna they were talking about ( there's hanna najwa too at seseri daaa....ekekekekek), some ppl might gt confuse with our name, sapolah tuh????? agagaga :P

5. hannah montana
duhh, from dat word all of u already noe who is d real miley cyrus!!!! n d real HANNAH in diz world... ahaha, as far as i noe i EXIST b4 hannah montana's existence on d tv comedy show!!! dats d fact my dear!!!!yeahh!!!! hohoho, but i'm definitely 170% sure dat my characteristics is waaaaaaaaayyyyy dif. with hannah montana!!! agagagaga :P

6. hannah al-kona-kona

adoyaiiiii, basically my old skulmates responsible 4 diz one.....haha they named me after it bcoz there r lotzzzzz of corners (left, right, left, right) along d roads heading towards my house.... uhuksss!!!

7. burger (-_-)
i dont think i looks like burger??duh?? haha, definitely n of coz its NATRAH's job.... but somehow i think she loves to call ppl with d name of food, im not d only burger for her.... hahaha, i decided to call her Mc' Chicken...yumyum.. hohoho so, when we talk or chit chat with each other, we always feel hungry!!!!!! adehhhhh wakakka...

8. adik maniiiiiiiis (^_^)
hahaha, prasan gile hannah nih!!!! ohohoho, please stay calm n dont feel jealous bcoz its true!!!.... my beLOVEd cuz's luv 2 call me adik maniiiiiissss, hahaha luv them very much too!! muahxx!!!

i think that'ts all i could remember about my name....
if there's any changes or additional info dat i forgotten pls inform me...
hahaha *winks2*

~oh lupe, there's 1 additional of my name (YP hannah)
:P, wakakkaka..... carik sendre pe maksod tuh..haha

p/s : wat eva it is, im very very very happy & proud of my name.... short n sweet n bermakne,
alhamdulillah...(-_-) ngeeeeee....


  1. adek manis... how r u ?? i miss u la... bile nk jmpe ni... beloved cuz ??? saper 2??

  2. eeee.. HANNAH.. haNNah !! hahha GEDIKKK !! XD XD XD

  3. NISA-CHAN!!!! >
    hahaha, fine tq, kakak manisss,agagag, miss u too!!!!!! very muchy!!!!! wakakakka, erm, tu r, cinte yg x kesmpain, b2ween us!! haha... :P,
    beloved CUZ? ntah r, ANAK SAPOLAH tuh.... muahahahahha :D

    ALEYCATS!!! >
    hahaha, lol, nape? jelous ke, aleena-ku??, hua3... :P