Wednesday, December 9, 2009

at last we met dear :)

wokeyh, last saturday i went to shah alam n i met with my long time no-see's beloved fren atiqah hanis n farahi... after urmmmm about 7 months x jumpe kot, huhu
~farahi still d same very skinny HOD add maths as we knew
~hanis still d same small petite n kecoh x-bedmate i hv when i was in seseri :)
~me??? d only one who kips on expanding esp. on my cheek...they was like (hannah da chubby!!)... huhu i knew it! kah3 terlalu bhgie dok kt kulim uh kowt, wakakaka :D
so as usual when gurls meet with their long time so-see's fren, they would be like weeeee.......yeayyyyyy!!!!! hahahaha ^_^(it was a pleasure 2 be able 2 meet both of u again dear)

actually d main point i went to that MAIS building is to hv a discussion about physics subject (special request frm hanis).... so we did our discussion at wakaf's library somewhere inside diz mais building....there were altogether 4 of us, (hanis, farahi, kamila & i )
after a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG discussion on a few phy ques. i said adios to farahi n mel.... i went to hanis's hz to rezar zohor....n met with some of her hzmate... i felt welcomed there :)

despues de solat zohor, hanis n i went to PAZ (alm sentral) a la pie......anis kepts on asking me, (nak mkn ape nih hannah???? ko nk mkn pe??? aq tringin nk mkn aym r)....hoho as wat u expected we went to KFC...nyum2, hanis mkn dgn rakusnye n aq slow n steady...kui3 (ala2 gadis melayu teraker gitu...winks***) >_<

window shopping je.....

we ^_^

hanis's face full of satisfaction eventhough we didnt bought anything, kui3 ;p

at last we found the "big book shop" at the 2nd laz top floor of paz, fewhhhhh, we FOUND IT!!! there were lotz of plystyrn nicely placed at d TOP of d high shelves...... we looked at each other n start laughing, wakakakakaka d workers at the shop looks quite bz doing their own chores... then i decided to jump2 2 get d thingy thing..weeee!!!! Alhamdulillah d "thing" landed safely into hanis's hand. one by one obstacles dat we hd to go through dat day, d temptation 4 shopping :), exploration of d paz in order 2 find d "thing", did a high jump 2 get d "thing", n hw r we gonna bring diz grande polystyrn to hanis's hz???????????? (we went to paz on foot)-lalu jln rye-round about-lake garden-........

hanis + her "precious" polystyrene

hohohoho so i gt a great idea which i decided to 911 my sis, (kakngah tlg amek kitowg kt paz bleh, hehe, cayunk kakngah >_<) i am grateful 2 hv such a wonderful sis, ececece puji r ckit,=p kui3, hanis gimme some ice-cream mcD's treat....yeayy (jimat duet agi :D) & d ice-cream melts on our hands not in our mouths..... u cn imagine how messy it was..... she kepts on laughing looking at my comot face n vice versa.... hahaha, in few minutes time, my sis came to safe us!!!!! agagagaga

both of us went home safely....

after all i had such a great day with all of u farahi, mel n esp. hanis-chan ^_<.....mmuahxx thanx 4 enlighten up my day with sweet moments dat we used to treasure it during d past :D hasta la vista dear! ;)