Wednesday, December 9, 2009

at last we met dear :)

wokeyh, last saturday i went to shah alam n i met with my long time no-see's beloved fren atiqah hanis n farahi... after urmmmm about 7 months x jumpe kot, huhu
~farahi still d same very skinny HOD add maths as we knew
~hanis still d same small petite n kecoh x-bedmate i hv when i was in seseri :)
~me??? d only one who kips on expanding esp. on my cheek...they was like (hannah da chubby!!)... huhu i knew it! kah3 terlalu bhgie dok kt kulim uh kowt, wakakaka :D
so as usual when gurls meet with their long time so-see's fren, they would be like weeeee.......yeayyyyyy!!!!! hahahaha ^_^(it was a pleasure 2 be able 2 meet both of u again dear)

actually d main point i went to that MAIS building is to hv a discussion about physics subject (special request frm hanis).... so we did our discussion at wakaf's library somewhere inside diz mais building....there were altogether 4 of us, (hanis, farahi, kamila & i )
after a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG discussion on a few phy ques. i said adios to farahi n mel.... i went to hanis's hz to rezar zohor....n met with some of her hzmate... i felt welcomed there :)

despues de solat zohor, hanis n i went to PAZ (alm sentral) a la pie......anis kepts on asking me, (nak mkn ape nih hannah???? ko nk mkn pe??? aq tringin nk mkn aym r)....hoho as wat u expected we went to KFC...nyum2, hanis mkn dgn rakusnye n aq slow n steady...kui3 (ala2 gadis melayu teraker gitu...winks***) >_<

window shopping je.....

we ^_^

hanis's face full of satisfaction eventhough we didnt bought anything, kui3 ;p

at last we found the "big book shop" at the 2nd laz top floor of paz, fewhhhhh, we FOUND IT!!! there were lotz of plystyrn nicely placed at d TOP of d high shelves...... we looked at each other n start laughing, wakakakakaka d workers at the shop looks quite bz doing their own chores... then i decided to jump2 2 get d thingy thing..weeee!!!! Alhamdulillah d "thing" landed safely into hanis's hand. one by one obstacles dat we hd to go through dat day, d temptation 4 shopping :), exploration of d paz in order 2 find d "thing", did a high jump 2 get d "thing", n hw r we gonna bring diz grande polystyrn to hanis's hz???????????? (we went to paz on foot)-lalu jln rye-round about-lake garden-........

hanis + her "precious" polystyrene

hohohoho so i gt a great idea which i decided to 911 my sis, (kakngah tlg amek kitowg kt paz bleh, hehe, cayunk kakngah >_<) i am grateful 2 hv such a wonderful sis, ececece puji r ckit,=p kui3, hanis gimme some ice-cream mcD's treat....yeayy (jimat duet agi :D) & d ice-cream melts on our hands not in our mouths..... u cn imagine how messy it was..... she kepts on laughing looking at my comot face n vice versa.... hahaha, in few minutes time, my sis came to safe us!!!!! agagagaga

both of us went home safely....

after all i had such a great day with all of u farahi, mel n esp. hanis-chan ^_<.....mmuahxx thanx 4 enlighten up my day with sweet moments dat we used to treasure it during d past :D hasta la vista dear! ;)


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pn. MaHaDiAh's tag...... :)

Ohoho, soooo sorry coz 4 da very very very late reply of d taggy task by my beLOVEd BiO teacher n of coz represent to all of u, PN MAHADIAH's tag!!!!.... i was quite bz 4 da past few days + weeks, huuuuuuuuu hahaha, i'm touched coz neva thought dat my 1st tag task would come frm my teacher.... agagagga, so, it's like "homework"for me n i MUST do it, huhuhu :) here u go.... (^_^)

Okay, here's the rule : Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of results, and post it as your answer.After that tag 7 people.


2009 Yamhill County Fair & Rodeo – Dates & Times

Thursday July 30, 2009 BULLMANIA 6:30 PM

guess what?? there will be horse race on my next b'day??? ahahaha
n.o i.d.e.a


whole world????
alice in wonderland's world????

hahahahha :)


i'ts d best place i've ever been n always keeps on feeling wanna go there again n again n again
subhanAllah (-_-)


of coz KENNY ROGERS ROASTERS foods, (promote plax...ekekek)
hoho, actually i luv 2 eat everything n anything n trying new types of foods....


coz i love to sleep!!!! (^_^), it helps to relax my mind....


opppsss, terlebey pics plak.....
***no comment***


purple + pink = purpink


definitely, family comes first but not to 4get ALLAH THE ALMIGHTY (-_-)


hannah = swimming??? hahhaha, please stop laughing, coz i do know how to swim
n i'm glad to say that my MOM was d one who taught me how to swim....

swimming is one of fun, relaxing, & enjoyable type of exercise :)


opppsss, u can ask my dormmates, maybe.... :D


hajj, insyaAllah....


7 people to be tagged :
1. my
2. friends
3. who
4. still
5. did'nt
6. do
7. it

Monday, May 25, 2009

add. maths = good sleeping pills?????

erm.... tut tut its already 25th may!!!! subhanAllah....(-_-)wow!!!! actually i supposed to register at UM today, hoho, but i've decided to choose mara sclrshp, eventhough its quite hard 4 me to explain it....

so, in order to fill my leisure time(leisure r sgt....), i mean instead of doing d SAME things everyday, doing all d house chores n house works as HOUSE MAID at my own house for about 6 months....agagagga,
my mom decided to gimme a not really hard task...hahaha, actually she asked me to help her with d marking mid-year exam papers!!!!! weeeeeeeeeee!!!!, im very2 excited n enthusiast to start it!!!
yeay me!!!! (^_^)hahaha

n guess wat subject is dat im going to mark????? OF COZ n sudah semestinye our beLOVEd subj. ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! zassssssssssss........ hak3 :D
adeh, it seems like my brain rotten oredi maaaaaaaaaa...wakakakka, i think i've 4gotton all d formulae n workings... aduh....da la paper dak kisas lak tuh!!!! naseb r diorang.... hak3, neva mind hannah, take it as a "gud" way for revision n preparation(warm up) 4 me b4 i continue my study!!! huhu....
*of coz, my mom only let me help her to mark paper 1 + form 4 classes only... ngee.... (yg mudah2 aja sih!!!) ahaxxx!!!!

hahaha, okeh d story begun laz saturday morning, i woke up quite early den usual days b4 diz....i went out of ma room n saw my mom was busy marking d exam papers....while watching d motivational morning talk on d tv..... actually i haven't started marking any of d papers yet...hahaha, at first i decided to hv a look at all d exam ques. first ( i mean, form 4-paper 1), after a while reading d ques. i felt d excitement of doing d add. maths questions comes out of a blue....huhu, in fact its better for me to get an idea bout it n even try on my own first b4 i mark d papers.....(ye la, cekgu x bertauliah... haha), but of coz my mom will supervise n re-check my works.... hahaha

as for those who juz sat 4 spm exam, u must still rememba dat there were altogether 25 questions..... i started with ques. 1, ques. 2, followed by ques. 3, n so on.........until ques. head was already "stucked" n jammed with all d formulae's, hwvr, i was impressed n excited to realise dat my brain was not fully rotten actually coz i cn work out n do all d questions very well... huhu....alhamdulillah,,,,,

wakakakaka, after a while, my head was already spinning around & my fluffy pillow n bed look more interesting n very inviting to me!!!!! "its juz within my temptation!!!" hahahha, n i doze off.... ZZzzZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzZZZzzzz........eventhough its actually still in d morning.....
~d task - to be c.o.n.t.i.n.u.e.d -hak3

*uhh, i guess i didn't sleep like that.....hohoho

*owh, i didnt continue d task after i woke up 4 da 2nd tyme bcoz dat morning also we had to pack up n we went back to sg. petani, kedah to pay a visit my granma there....


Thursday, May 14, 2009

who's hannah????

ahahaha,who's hannah?? hannah montana?? hannah tan?? hannah abott???
nonono, all WRONG, im hannah daughter of mr. ir. azizan... uhukssssss... :D

ok basically, frm what i noe, my dad is d one who gimme dat sweet n simple name (of coz after discussed it with ma beloved mom), one day, when he was watching tv, he watched a news or something like dat r or salam perantaun.... he saw one of d malaysian overseas student who was being interviewed by reporter....n her name displayed on d screen was NOOR HANNAH

wow!!! what a nice name!!!!! hahha, then he decided to give his beloved youngest, cutest, cuddly daughter named hannah too.....ahax!!!!!!!!! maka, bermulalah kewujudan seorang insan hamba Allah named NOOR HANNAH BT. AZIZAN (^_^)

ppl always said dat "panggilan name mendoakn ciri2 seseorang itu"
as far as i know, d meaning of mah name is ;

noor = cahaye,
hannah = kesayangan
noor + hannah = cahaye + kesayangan

*wakakka, so dont ever jealous of meh if sum1 call me sayang..... coz dats my REAL name
wahhahahaa :P, n i hope everybody LOVES me, (why everybody loves raymond?) but not me....hahahha

of coz i believe most of us hv their own nicknames n so on......
for me, i hv only a few:

1. hana
majority n most of d ppl luv 2 call me hana, maybe bcoz its easier n simpler, (without "wajibul ghunnah" at d centre) but i noe they mean haNNah.....actually hahhaha

2. han
i usually accidentally called myself HAN, when i spoke "like a bullet train" with my family :D...i didnt realise it, but they told me dat (heleh, bajet comel r han, han, han kan arituh....duhhh ) hahaha, + there's one alien (TAP) which his name shouldn't be mention here, wakaka also luv to call me han, adusssssss, redha je le.... maen sesuke ati die je nk modify my name...hoho :P

3. hannah
adusssssss, eventhough diz is my REAL name, i rarely hear ppl called me haNNah, i mean "stress" a bit on d letter 'N', haaaaaaah!! i only gt 2 hear ppl call me haNNah correctly, when they were first time reading my name n were trying very hard to pronounce it correctly... wakakkaka, especially d teachers (mase nk pulangkan hmwrks or exam papers...hoho) (-_-)

4. hannah azizan
majority, my ex-SESERIan's friends called me + my dad's name, maybe bcoz its easier for them to compare, which hannah or hanna they were talking about ( there's hanna najwa too at seseri daaa....ekekekekek), some ppl might gt confuse with our name, sapolah tuh????? agagaga :P

5. hannah montana
duhh, from dat word all of u already noe who is d real miley cyrus!!!! n d real HANNAH in diz world... ahaha, as far as i noe i EXIST b4 hannah montana's existence on d tv comedy show!!! dats d fact my dear!!!!yeahh!!!! hohoho, but i'm definitely 170% sure dat my characteristics is waaaaaaaaayyyyy dif. with hannah montana!!! agagagaga :P

6. hannah al-kona-kona

adoyaiiiii, basically my old skulmates responsible 4 diz one.....haha they named me after it bcoz there r lotzzzzz of corners (left, right, left, right) along d roads heading towards my house.... uhuksss!!!

7. burger (-_-)
i dont think i looks like burger??duh?? haha, definitely n of coz its NATRAH's job.... but somehow i think she loves to call ppl with d name of food, im not d only burger for her.... hahaha, i decided to call her Mc' Chicken...yumyum.. hohoho so, when we talk or chit chat with each other, we always feel hungry!!!!!! adehhhhh wakakka...

8. adik maniiiiiiiis (^_^)
hahaha, prasan gile hannah nih!!!! ohohoho, please stay calm n dont feel jealous bcoz its true!!!.... my beLOVEd cuz's luv 2 call me adik maniiiiiissss, hahaha luv them very much too!! muahxx!!!

i think that'ts all i could remember about my name....
if there's any changes or additional info dat i forgotten pls inform me...
hahaha *winks2*

~oh lupe, there's 1 additional of my name (YP hannah)
:P, wakakkaka..... carik sendre pe maksod tuh..haha

p/s : wat eva it is, im very very very happy & proud of my name.... short n sweet n bermakne,
alhamdulillah...(-_-) ngeeeeee....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

ainah oh ainah.......(mamarazzi-ku)

wakakaka, x de keje, but actually im quite happy today coz i've succesfully created n improvised d KOPERASI song into COOKING SPIRITUAL song 4 beLOVED ainah....
actually ainah, wrote in her blog bout hw bad n pathetic she was when she had to cook for her mom who was sick....(jgn mare) :D

hahahahha, at first i was juz about giving a short n sweet comment on d topic, suddenly i bcm ecited n d koperasi song( i believe all SESERIans were always eager to sing d song during d KO'OP's week-dat unique song...hihihi) came out to mah mind....lalalala~

diz is mah comment (in her blog)n my NEW special song dedicated to ainah :

neva mind ainah,
keep on trying n improve ur cooking skills..
ahax!!!!! (^_~)...
kalu nk dtg blajo msk ngan aq pown boleh...
nk blajo ape?
macaroni n cheese, spaghetti, black papper beef,
masak lomak cili padi, kari etc...huhu
ala2, lagu KO'OP

hannah sedia membantu,
kerana cintakan ainah,
bekerja capai mutu,
MEMASAK moto U-tama,

bekerja berstrategi,
menentukan nasib sendiri,
keupayaan aku, hannah,
JGN harap mak je masak,

"berdiri di atas kaki-sendiri",
kuatkan semangat,
wujudkanlah jiwa yg hebat,
bersatu demi perak,
hidup dalam kekenyangan,

wawasan 2020,
kita tak akan mengeluh,
bersedia untuk masak,
kerna AINAH's got talent!!!!!!!!!!

lagu koperasi, edited by hannah
specially made 4 u honey!!!!!!!!

p/s: ainah, my offer to u still valid n open, juz come n drop by to my house anytime insyaAllah, i'll teach u hw to cook!!!!!! hahaha :P

~oh im also very d happy n delighted today bcoz i received a call from my long long tyme no see's indian fren... KOGILANIVASHINI!!!!! (^_^), cant believe dat she stills rememba meh.... n dari mane ntah korek my hp. no. agagaga, terharu duhh.... hoho n we had quite a long chit chat......hahaaha.... luv ya kogi!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

*eSeN or *EsEn??????

di keheningan pagi, i woke up quite early on dat sunday..... huhuuhu,,, gare-gare semangat nk jogging!!! ahahaha, my dad told my sis to wake me up...grrrrrrr :D, at first i felt adoyaiiiiiii malasnye nk gi..... (-_-) ZzzZZzz...... then suddenly i gt d spirit frm nowhere.... I HAVE TO WAKE UP n JOGGING!!!!! yeaahhhhh!!!!!!!

poof!!! im already in my long-sleeves shirt + track bottom + tudung.... then i when out of my room.... dgn sukecitenye i said to my dad who was watching tv,IM READY!!!! dats d usual words i used to say to them who had to wait for me getting ready for a looooooong time, okokoko when we wanted to go out... ngeee... :D

i carefully tighten up my old sports shoes... then my mom came to me.. "hannah dah bwk lesen??"... ermm, oppsss tak bwk r..hihi, my mom went in to help me to get d license but she couldn't find d same time my dad who was already in d car, shout out "da amek *esen??".....2 times... i thought.(fuhhh, my dad is so eager n excited wanna let me drive today!!) uhukssss..... then, i decided to open up my shoes n get into d house to get my license P duhh.... daku berlari & teruskan berlari.........i went left, right, left, right,.... haha theres lotz of corners... jump over d stagged as fast as i could....fuhhh at last im in my room... i quickly find my handbag n gt my wallet inside it.... poof!!! im already outside of d house..... my dad n my sis ONCE AGAIN were waiting 4 me inside d small, cute, lil kelisa's car....ohohoho, then my dad said;

dad : hannah dah amek *esen?, mane *esennye???
me : i proudly show my license.... nih!!!! da amek dah.... ngee :D with thousands smiles...

dad : mane???

me : niii... haa....

dad : lerrr.... org suroh amek BESEN, not LESEN daaaa....
me : erkssss.....grrrrrr.....awwwwww.....

my sis, ain n me were laughing madly n "heartiestly"........ wakakkakkakaka.... agagaggaagaga, adoyaiiii.... ermmm "i thought dad told me to take my license.." kokokoko
both of us were looking at each other......tettttttt.... haha, my sis as a gud big sis str8 away went out of d car to gt d BESEN inside ma house..... (sayaaaaaaang ain!!! :)

p/s : we brought d besen to put d wet groceries ( gi market r....) ngeeee...

~we went to shah alam's lake garden + jogging- as usual, im always at d back, walking fastly alone.... :( (actually jamu mate while looking at d breath-taking sceneries..., breath-taking r sgt.. haha), followed by my dad who always accidentally met with his frens.... (arini je, 3 org die terserempak mse jogging... famous gak erk ma dad nih.. ahahah)tapi x dpt2 jugak ku kejar nye...huhu, n at d front one of coz ma sis ain.... yg semgt gile.... hhohoho, bagos2 ble masok SUKMA...(4 x 400m) agagaga :P

~we went to d new food court at shah alam ( x igt seksyen bape erk? yg dkt uitm tuh) hoho to take our bfast.

~went to shah alam's market.... (i drove d car guided by ma dad... huh my sense of direction is very very bad.... (bukan pe, there were too many roundabouts at s. alam...agagaga)

~next stop was 'kedai mamak', to buy bfast for mom, kakngah, n abgwan....

~at last, alhamdulillah smpai umah safely....

dats all.......... :D

***ermmm, is it actually basin??? i think soo, but di-malaykan bcome besen... grr.... layan...****

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

dat evening.....(-_-)

nothing special n nothing happen actually......then why i am writing???lol....hoho, ok its about last saturday evening..... we had a dinner at sunway resort or hotel?? kokokokoko.....there's malakoff sports carnival's dinner held there.....

only 5 of us including me went there ( my bro was not qualified coz DA TUE!!!!!!) wakaakkaka :P, sob3, neway, at first kakngah didnt wanna go to dat dinner coz she was in a bad mood n stress with her exam maybe... grrr...ciannye.... hahaha ponat ain n me tried to persuade her....akhernye ikot gak.... if not, mkn ANGIN r jwbnye kt umah... uhuks!!!!

we arrived at d sunway hotel at about 8.30 pm....~somehow it reminds me of tutttttttt*** gud memories there (^_^)lalalalla~ ok back to d topic, d SAME ballroom at floor 15 or 13??? hahaha, most of d guests were already there including d VVIP's.....while we r d VIP.. ahax!!!! we walk slowly along d red carpet (ala2 artis gitu!!! hahah, i dont think anybody realise us... wakakakaka its juz my imagination...haha) heading towards our table no. 3 (alhamdulillah depan r gak...), there was a band unrecoginsed one r....they were singing n dancing....ooopsss d theme of dat night dinner was RETRO nite!!!! (sounds like my illegal dorm party's theme laz yr!!!! :Dhahaha).... but i didnt think any of mah family members wear retro clothes during dat tyme... x cukop bajet r... grrrrr...hoho

(d sunway hotel's grandballroom)

(ain n mom......smiling at me??? ahahha)

d menu of d food on dat nite was chinese food... yummy!!!!! i luv 2 eat n i dont care any types of food!!! juz give me... insyaAllah i will BALON!!!! hahaha, a lady waitress served at our table all d foods... one by started with somthing like dumpling.. oh donno wat was it...some sorts of soup.... chicken.... fish.... prawns.... fried rice... n d dessert....of coz,all of them were really mouth-watering.... yumyum,,, at d same time there were a few performances by d kidz.... n HOT MAMA's group....haha, (ala2 sway gitu!!!).... :D... best dress contest.... an so on....

i drank lotzzzzzz of chinese tea n strawberry syrup drink maybe..... da name pown free-flow.... tuptup minum da di-refill balek.....hahaha... balon!!!! until my excretion system alert me n i hv to do something with it!!!! DANGER, DANGER!!!!ohohohohh, (phm2 je le) (-_-), ntah r tataw plak my sis ain pown da pandai amek gambo dlm toilet yg x de keje nih.....huk3....

(hannah n ain setelah kekenyangan)

after snap2 some pics...... kami mengundurkan diri..... overall d dinner was quite average kinda havoc too..hohoho, as long as my stomach FULL!!! hahha yeahhhh... alhamdulillah...

haha, as i mention b4, nothing special, nothing interesting, juz wanna share some of ma coretan with all of u!!!! ahahahha :D, thanx 4 reading it!!!! (^_~)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

TS again!!!!!!!!!! kami berjoli.... hahaha

okeh.... eventhough, diz topic has been posted by many ppl lyke hanis, ainah, ermmm sape agi erk... hahha, neva mind, diz is HANNAH's version... agagaga

actually it happened last 2 weeks, on 25th aprl (sat.)if im not mistaken r..... after a long, tiring dinner at SESERI(kinda fun too).... i reached my house at 12.30 am n went straight to mah bed at 1.00 am... on dat saturday i hv to wake up quite early at 8.00(awal ke tuh??,, hoho), diz is all bcoz ainah yg ngengade nk jadik org 1st masok TS ke pe...... hahaa, dah le nk smpai tempt tuh, it tooks bout 2 hrs (+++)tu get there.... fuh.... at last im ready!!!! my dad drove me to d nearest
train station-blkg umah je sbnornye-huk3, stesen BUKIT BADAK!!!duhhh, donno why they name it badak, asal x rhino ke??? hahaha, okeh, then after a loooooooooong wait there..... dpt gak nek tren.... d train during dat time was d very d padat SARDIN.... fuhhhh, ooooohhh maybe many ppl wannna go to PESTA BUKU kowt... at pwtc...

sesampai je di KL central, i met with tiqah hanis n wait 4 rain yg sedang menaiki url frm putrajaya....tut tut, we arrived at TS, from bout 500m distance, we could see ainah's sitting with aya-ne!!!! (coz ainah's wearing her USUAL *blink2 black tudung* with maniks2...ahahahaha.... we wait there for about 45 min.(waiting 4 da 3 muskeeters...hohoho-ainur-faranne-nik atikah=) at last we decided to get into d cosmo world theme park's first so dat we dont waste our money... yola, bayor memahal kene r nek lelame...huuuu

(juz d 5 of us at TS AGAIN....)

i cant remember d sequence, but basically we all nek rides:

roller coaster=3 times.....sampai da tertido2...ahahha

hammer=2 times.....(everytime ainah n I dok depn skali wuu..agagaga)

kete langgor2=3 times..... haha, bak kate ainah d 2nd time ade gangguan yg menyakitkan jiwe) grrrrrrrrr

kids train kowt= ahaha 1 time... nak abeskan mase

dizzy izzy=memg dizzy dibuatnye (ble chit chat ngan aya lgi nek tuh) ^_^

mende pusing2 tuh= 2 times.....saket tengkok wuuu.... n badan r for those who shared their sits!! ahax!!!

after we had joli2 around d cosmo, we still couldn't see d 3 muskeeter's nose nor body.. uhuksss..... then we decided to call them. huh, since dat they were late, they decided to watch movie at d cinema je.duhhhhhh.....
d time dat i've been waiting n luv most hv come!!! yeay!!! its
EaTiNg time!!!!!...(^_^) hoho, we hd our lunch at KFC....n our cashier is PNUT!!!!!!! woooooo (cian pnut tersipu malu dibuatnye), kami pown ape lagi, snap2 her pic... hukhuk..... :D

(pnut as our cashier on dat day!!!)

(as usual, mkn, mkn, mkn...dats our hobbyT_T)

(tiqah hanis dgn rakusnye.. huhu)

after we had our lunch, we went to pray zohor..... at d same time i accompanied faranne to CITY-CHAIN.... to buy her a new watch.... at first she was about to buy GUESS's watch (walawe!!!!!! im not dat rich!!!! ahaaha)... at last she found d one dat she likes n suits her at city-chain shop.....d watch was quite expensive
(RM 395.00) sumthing lyke dat r.... fuuhhh!!!! i told her (asal aq rase mcm teman ko nk beli cincin tunang je) grrrrr.....btol ke nk beli nih??? hoho, she brought 600???? with her??? lol... wow!!! (maybe its usual for others but not for me... kluar sendre.. uhuhhuu), but neva mind, at least she found d ONE (watch ) dat she likes most n she decided to buy it..... ohoo......

after that,d 3 muskeeters when to watch d UNINVITED movie.... while other 5 of us were really not INVITED to watch d movie... lol bcoz d ticket sold out!!!!! only 1 left... huuuu :(, then, we decided to continue our 'exploration' at d cosmo theme park..... hahahaha, (tu yg naek berpuloh-puloh kali).... until all of us gt dizzy, izzy, whizzy, crazy,hohoho SERIOUS!!!! we were like drunk ppl walking out of d theme park!!!! ahahha, at d same time, rain bought new selipar...ohohoho.....i even have to assist rain to get down d stairs at d monorail st. coz she looks really dizzy n cant walk str8.... adoyaiiiiiiiiiii....

but alhamdulillah all of us went home safely..... (-_-)
as a whole, we had a really great time together n enjoy d sweet moment with all of u!!!

p/s : akhernye tercapai cite-citemuh nk kuar ngan aq wahai hanisku oiii!!!! :Dhoho

first n foremost...............


wakakakakaka, juz wanna fill my (not really) leisure time to share with all of u, bout d sweet, sour, spicy, n bitter of mah life!!!!! (^_^)
n perharps some of my opinions duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

it has been a long, long time i didnt write diz kind of
sumthing lyke d essay or even short stories!!!!! hahahaha(ala2 cerpen gitu)
bcoz i HATE writing essays or short stories,,,,,,, grrrrrr

as a whole,
buah **** di luar pagar,
amek galah tlg jolokkan,
saya budak baru belajar,
kalo salah tlg tunjukkan!!!!