Monday, May 25, 2009

add. maths = good sleeping pills?????

erm.... tut tut its already 25th may!!!! subhanAllah....(-_-)wow!!!! actually i supposed to register at UM today, hoho, but i've decided to choose mara sclrshp, eventhough its quite hard 4 me to explain it....

so, in order to fill my leisure time(leisure r sgt....), i mean instead of doing d SAME things everyday, doing all d house chores n house works as HOUSE MAID at my own house for about 6 months....agagagga,
my mom decided to gimme a not really hard task...hahaha, actually she asked me to help her with d marking mid-year exam papers!!!!! weeeeeeeeeee!!!!, im very2 excited n enthusiast to start it!!!
yeay me!!!! (^_^)hahaha

n guess wat subject is dat im going to mark????? OF COZ n sudah semestinye our beLOVEd subj. ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! zassssssssssss........ hak3 :D
adeh, it seems like my brain rotten oredi maaaaaaaaaa...wakakakka, i think i've 4gotton all d formulae n workings... aduh....da la paper dak kisas lak tuh!!!! naseb r diorang.... hak3, neva mind hannah, take it as a "gud" way for revision n preparation(warm up) 4 me b4 i continue my study!!! huhu....
*of coz, my mom only let me help her to mark paper 1 + form 4 classes only... ngee.... (yg mudah2 aja sih!!!) ahaxxx!!!!

hahaha, okeh d story begun laz saturday morning, i woke up quite early den usual days b4 diz....i went out of ma room n saw my mom was busy marking d exam papers....while watching d motivational morning talk on d tv..... actually i haven't started marking any of d papers yet...hahaha, at first i decided to hv a look at all d exam ques. first ( i mean, form 4-paper 1), after a while reading d ques. i felt d excitement of doing d add. maths questions comes out of a blue....huhu, in fact its better for me to get an idea bout it n even try on my own first b4 i mark d papers.....(ye la, cekgu x bertauliah... haha), but of coz my mom will supervise n re-check my works.... hahaha

as for those who juz sat 4 spm exam, u must still rememba dat there were altogether 25 questions..... i started with ques. 1, ques. 2, followed by ques. 3, n so on.........until ques. head was already "stucked" n jammed with all d formulae's, hwvr, i was impressed n excited to realise dat my brain was not fully rotten actually coz i cn work out n do all d questions very well... huhu....alhamdulillah,,,,,

wakakakaka, after a while, my head was already spinning around & my fluffy pillow n bed look more interesting n very inviting to me!!!!! "its juz within my temptation!!!" hahahha, n i doze off.... ZZzzZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzZZZzzzz........eventhough its actually still in d morning.....
~d task - to be c.o.n.t.i.n.u.e.d -hak3

*uhh, i guess i didn't sleep like that.....hohoho

*owh, i didnt continue d task after i woke up 4 da 2nd tyme bcoz dat morning also we had to pack up n we went back to sg. petani, kedah to pay a visit my granma there....



  1. wei
    ko dpt mara scholorship ek?
    bidang ape

  2. much per script ur mother gives u for marking?

  3. gebiusara>
    erm... aah yup, engineering :)
    eh jap, ni zaid kan???

    pn. mahadiah>
    erm... dunno, my mom already told me but as far as i noe, i do it with full-heartedly n juz for helping her :D, eventhough she asked me how much i want... hohoho, actually im helping her to finish d task as soon as possible b4 school holiday starts, bcoz insyaAllah my family n i will be going somewhere during dat time.....huhuhu :D

  4. ye la aku la nie
    tulis bebaik ckit la
    bukan gebiusara>
    tapi geniusaras3(blog bersama)

  5. ahhahahaha,
    ala, typing error typing r....
    hua3.... :P

    da agk daa... ko..

  6. woi ko bwat pesediaan nati kat mane

  7. huhu..
    k hannah..
    addmaths really isnt dat bad..
    its FUN!!

  8. ohohohoh
    i know dear ice-cream!!!
    diz article juz for fun...
    i do luv add maths...

  9. Good brain storming. Find ways to settle the problem... =)